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The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has released the Prohibited List for 2017 together with the explanation of the major changes to the 2016 List.
The Prohibited List 2017 comes into effect on 1 January 2017.   
The Prohibited List, details the substances and methods which are prohibited
both in- competition and out-of-competition.

Download the List and the Explanatory Notes below:
o   2017 List of Prohibited Substances and Methods

o   2017 Summary of Major Modifications and Explanatory Notes
Visit the WADA website to get general information on the WADA Prohibited List 2016 – (linked here).
You can get more information on the BWF Integrity Programme (anti-doping / anti-match fixing) from the BWF website – linked here.
Please contact Andy Hines-Randle a.hines-randle at bwfbadminton.org  BWF Integrity Unit Manager – if you have any questions regarding the enclosed.

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