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The Badminton Confederation Africa (BCA) is glad to announce its partnership with Sportrecs, a leading global live streaming platform specialized in hosting sports events. With a common set of goals, BCA and Sportrecs will strive to bring more African badminton events to fans in Africa and elsewhere through Sportrecs’ digital platforms and technical expertise.

This partnership is one of the first strategic move of the BCA to make badminton events, of all levels and in all parts of Africa, widely available to fans and other stakeholders. The BCA is also aiming to live stream its whole tournament circuit from mid-2021 onwards with the assistance of Sportrecs. Besides, each country member would have the opportunity to broadcast their events live on Sportrecs without much effort and at no cost.
The BCA Secretary General, Sahir Edoo stated: “It is clear that this collaboration is a milestone for BCA. Together with Sportrecs and in line with our new digital approach, we plan to revolutionize African badminton for the players, our fans and all other stakeholders. During the recent years, much efforts have been made to increase the quality and presentation of badminton events in Africa and with Sportrecs onboard, we aim to make our events bigger and grander in the years to come.”
The BCA Marketing Committee President, Honore Zolobe, also stated: “We are glad to finally confirm this collaboration with Sportrecs and it will for sure be a landmark in BCA’s history. In this era of digitalization, it is crucial for organization like ours to be up to date and ready for any digital challenges. The sport is eventually for the players, and with Sportrecs, our Africa players will be effortlessly broadcasted to the world.”
Sportrecs’ Sales Director, Sarthak Sahai also shared his excitement: “Sportrecs is very happy to enter into this partnership and will do it’s best to help develop the sport digitally. The goal is to centralize all badminton activities under the banner of BCA and ensure maximum benefits and technical edge for the member associations collectively.”


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