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It has been five years since BWF’s Integrity Unit was formed.  
In this time, BWF’s ‘i am badminton’ awareness campaign has been at the forefront of our efforts to communicate our approach to integrity.
Today, we are proud to announce a new role call of global superstars from the World Tour and Para badminton circuit to the list:
• Pusarla V. Sindhu (IND)
• Michelle Li (CAN)
• Zheng Si Wei (CHN)
• Huang Ya Qiong (CHN)
• Jack Shephard (ENG)
• Valeska Knoblauch (GER)
• Chan Ho Yuen (HKG)
• Marc Zwiebler – Athletes’ Commission Chair (GER)

The campaign provides a platform for which players are able to express their love and respect for badminton by advocating and committing to clean and honest play.

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